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Your Guide To Getting Scleral Lenses in Dover And Milford, DE

At Our Vision Quest Eye Care Center, Inc in Dover and Milford, DE, our optometrists care about your eyes. If your contact lenses are irritating you or you just can’t seem to find some that fit your eye condition, scleral lenses may be a good option.

man getting optometry exam for scleral lenses

What are scleral lenses?

Before we define scleral lenses, let's look at the root of the phrase - "sclera" refers to the white of the eye. Scleral lenses are contact lenses that rest on the whites of the eyes, whereas conventional, non-scleral lenses only cover part of the cornea.

What conditions do scleral lenses help treat?

When conventional contact lenses are hard to fit, scleral lenses might be used instead, providing additional comfort and stability to their wearer.

The three most common conditions treated with scleral lenses are:

  • Irregular corneas, including keratoconus - Keratoconus is a condition where the cornea of the eye develops an outward bulge that grows with time and affects vision, and it is one of the more common sources of irregular corneas. Degenerative eye disease and eye injury are some of the other more common sources of irregular corneas. All of these conditions can be intercepted during your annual eye exam, which is why it is so important that you schedule yours every year.
  • Hard to fit eyes - Because scleral lenses are larger than conventional contact lenses, they always tend to sit more stable on the eye and intrinsically compensate for any irregularities on the surface of the eye — such as corneal damage — that might make other lenses impossible to fit well. 
  • Dry eyes - There is a large space between the scleral lens and the cornea, where tears can safely accumulate and keep the eye moist. Additionally, scleral lenses are gas permeable, providing great comfort to the eye. While dry eyes are often detected during the tear film test of your eye exam, other providers - including your chiropractor - might detect the condition as part of their health assessment. In fact, your chiropractor might send you our way to get fitted for new contact lenses as one of the steps of your wellness plan!

Who would be a good candidate for scleral lenses?

If you suffer from any of the conditions listed above, it's worth discussing whether you should get fitted for these lenses.

Your vision insurance might cover the cost of scleral lenses, but they do cost more than conventional lenses. Each pair of scleral lenses has to be custom tailored to fit your eye, which in turn requires special instruments and additional measurement by your eye care provider; all three of these factors contribute to the increased cost.

Contact Vision Quest Eye Care Center, Inc. Today For A Consultation

Whether you're ready to get scleral lenses or have any other questions about your eye health, call us at Vision Quest Eye Center today or visit us online - we're here to serve Dover (302-678-3545) and Milford (302-424-9424), DE!