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Vision Quest Eye Care Center, Inc

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Eye and Vision Exams at Vision Quest Eye Care Center Inc.

There are some things in life we want to hold onto for as long as humanly possible -- including clear eyesight. Protecting your eyes against common diseases, disorders, and vision issues requires constant scrutiny and vigilance. Fortunately, we make it a lot easier to maintain optimal eyesight here at Eye and Vision Exams at Vision Quest Eye Care Center Inc. Our comprehensive eye exams and vision testing can help you get the most out of your eyes for many years to come.

Eye Exams for Children, Adults and Seniors

Why would you want to keep scheduling periodic eye and vision exams even if you believe that you're seeing just fine? The answers lies in the insidious way may diseases and disorders can creep up on you without your immediate notice. That "clarity" you're accustomed to may actually be a far cry from how well you could be seeing. Additionally, some of the most feared diseases, including cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, can do irreversible harm for years before you start actually losing your vision. The time to catch these issues is before they damage your quality of life, not after.

Eye exams are equally important for children, working-age adults and seniors. Children require three major eye exams during their pre-school years, starting at just 6 months of age, so we can look for structural or functional problems that might limit their visual development. Older kids and adults need eye exams every other year, or every year if they're experiencing eye/vision issues. Seniors should receive an annual exam without fail due to their higher risk for macular degeneration and other sight-robbing diseases.

A Typical Eye Exam

A typical eye exam at our clinic includes an intake session in which our optometrists ask you about your medical history, current corrective prescription, and any vision problems you've been having. We can check your eye function through simple, painless simulators and other digital testing methods. Pupil dilation allows us to see deep within the eye, examining your retinas and other structures, while slit lamp testing checks the eye's exterior.

You're probably familiar with the vision tests that make use of an eye chart. By checking your visual acuity at different simulated distances, our optometrists can determine exactly how much refractive correction (if any) you may need for optimal vision.

Contact Our Eye Doctors in Milford and Dover

Our eye doctors in Milford and Dover want to help you and your loved ones preserve your eyesight. Call either of our locations to schedule eye exams and vision testing for any members of your family!



Vision Quest Eye Care Center, Inc
820 Walker Rd. Dover, DE 19904
Phone: 302-678-3545
Fax: 302-734-3115

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Vision Quest Eye Care Center
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820 Walker Rd.
Dover, DE 19904
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